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I Met Messier Saturday !

Frito Lay and Pepsi have been running a " Bring Home the Cup Contest " here in Canada to find the greatest fan . A video was sent in by a Prince Edward Island man, Adam Bourque and he was lucky enough to have received enough votes to win the contest for the 2008 year .To make a long story short...he and 19 of his friends were able to have an afternoon with Messier and the Stanley Cup !

The whole show started at the town arena...which is where we started at 10:30 AM and would last about an hour or so as all the big shots would get a chance to speak but I figured the chances of getting close to him for an autograph would be almost nil and from a bud told me after...I was bang on ! ! We gave up and went shopping instead .

On our way home I decided to drive around where the private house party was being held and the police had all the streets blocked not allowing cars and people past the place . I parked the truck and we walked up to where the bus was parked and we were told to stop by a police officer . I laughed when I saw who the officer was . I recognized him...he did not recognize me . I asked him "who do you think you are ? " and he did not know what to think about that comment and then I started laughing and he knew who I was then !

The officer was an old work buddy of mine from 25 years ago ! What is even funnier is that he is also a Ranger fan...and we are a rare breed around here as everybody is Montreal or Toronto for the most part . I gave him a Messier 8X10 and he was tickled pink and he told us to go on up but just stand back and watch the street hockey game they were playing until it ended before I approached him for an autograph .

They played for about a half hour . The young guy that won the contest is a Special Olympian who lost his ability to speak at the age of 13 . You would have to have been there to see the joy coming from him . It almost brought tears to my eyes ! Adam played in the net against Team Messier and stopped shot after shot !

We just kind of hovered around the back of the net area until they were done and I had my old 1994 NY Post newspapers from the day after the 94 Cup win with Messier on the cover hoisting it...and I'm SURE that he must have saw me holding it up !

After they finished the game Messier went off to the side and started signing some stuff... the crowd was really small and this whole event came together pretty darn quick thus people just did not have the chance to get 8x10's or what have you !

I was kind of shy...I really did not want somebody to tell me to get lost as it was a private party and Adam's moment of elbowed my girlfriend in the side[not Messier style ] and told her to run up with the Beckett Hockey magazine of him holding the cup and away she went .

He smiled at her and listened as she was telling him how big a fan I was and for how long I had been one[1972] and that this was some day for me... he laughed , and I heard him say " well that must be him coming there behind you "...and I was the only guy there with a Ranger hat on and shamelessly enough I had forgot my sweater at home too ! I was sooooooooooooo nervous !!! I shook his hand ...LOL even before he had a chance to let go of the Sharpie and thanked him for so many great memories over the years . He signed my newspapers and I thanked him for doing so and figured we better not overstay our visit as the day was meant for Adam Bourque and his friends and family and I was just happy to get autographed what I did and to shake the hand of a Messiah !

I never dreamed I would ever get the chance to meet Mark Messier in person and be able to thank him for the Cup win in was a dream come true for a long time New York Ranger fan .

In all of the excitement I forgot all about going inside the tent that was set up on Adam's front lawn that housed the Stanley Cup...oh well can't have it all I guess although it would have been a thrill for my girlfriend to have saw her nephew's name on it from last year when they won the cup and that being[Anaheim/Ric Jackman].

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