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05-19-2008, 10:23 AM
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Originally Posted by MisterBouw View Post
Glad you had a great trip. From other people that were there also, it seems it was a first class event, but I'd expect nothing less. About Bouw, I disagree on both goals you mentioned. On the Kovalchuk goal, there wasn't anything else he really could have done. He stayed with his man and didn't allow him a shooting lane, which is what you're supposed to do. He certainly wasn't going to move so Kovalchuk could get a clear shot away. Yeah, he ended up screening Ward, but Kovalchuk just made an exceptional shot. What are you gonna do, it's Ilya. Bouw did his job there. He's not going to overcommit in that situation either and try to be really agressive on Ilya speeding down the wing, and risk being burned and have him cut right in on goal.

On the goal a couple minutes earlier if that was what you're referring to, he blocked the initial shot and the puck just unluckily bounced right to whoever scored, not sure who it was. Surely you can't blame him for that. That's just bad luck, it was like a perfect 15 foot pass right to the goal scorer. 99/100 other times, that puck bounces around between 4-5 guys and eventually finds its way out of the zone, or is eventually recovered by the goalie and play is stopped. I only watched the 3rd period, but he played fine and had some good blocks. Also had some really bad luck, but he certainly wasn't a detriment to the team. How about Nash who took a couple really dumb penalties in the 3rd and OT, or Ward, who let in a really questionable goal for the game winner?
the block certainly wasn't his fault - that was a tough break. i was referring to a bad turnover by jay a few minutes earlier. he was coming around behind the net and ran into traffic and it looked like he should've just banged the puck up the boards but instead tried to navigate through the maze and ended up coughing the puck up right to ward's left. not sure russia got a shot out of it but it could've been a big chance. the first kovalchuk goal was a tough one for both ward and jay but jay was used as a screen on the play. it was a bang bang play and i'm not sure anyone else would've done better but the screen made it very difficult for ward. you're right though, about the only thing he could've done different would have been to over-commit and hope he could get a stick on the puck. would have been the defensive play of the game for sure but, yeah, it would have been very risky. i didn't see a replay of the game winner but with those 4 forwards on the ice for an OT 4-3 PP, it seemed it was only a matter of time. very exciting end to a great tournament, in any case.

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