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Originally Posted by Nash13
Bless us with your intelligence oh hockey god. We have seen that you can barely type two lines, and like "smilies" but shed some light about hockey, because in fact, this is the main objective of these boards. Tell us all how Gary Roberts isn't a quality NHL player, tell me how his 28 goals were just a figment of our imagination. Common tell us all, enlighten us. Please, pretty please.
I never said he isn't a quality player, but you took the side of Kovalev is not a elite player in this League.

Here is what you said:
Originally Posted by Nash13
Sorry, his playoff was good but Kovalev isn't an elite superstar. He used to be, not now. Anyhow, I was using those players as examples. The fact is, there are some very good players available such as Roberts, Ricci, Recchi, Primeau, Bondra, Konowalchuk, Selanne, Murray, Rolston.

Sure, Roberts has performed well. But only 4 out of 17 years in the NHL has he ever been over 53 points. (Years: 89'-90', 91'-92', 92'-93', 93'-94') Those being in the first 8 yrs. of him playing in the NHL. However if you take a close look at Kovalev you will see that Kovalev over his 15 yr. career has had 8 years of over 53 points, and 2 years of playing 24 games or less. So it really comes down to 5 out of 15 yrs. not having a 53/plus season.

Sure you could say that Roberts has had 90 point years, but that was when he was just a kid in this league. His back and shoulder problems kept him out of many games this year. It can only get worse from here. There is no point mentioning his name, because frankly this team is rebuilding and I am sure Bob Gainey will not go out and get a 38 yr. old man. So to say that I dont know hockey, frankly it's immature of you to say. Look at what you are saying, it does not make common sense with the way the team is building.

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