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05-20-2008, 02:32 AM
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Originally Posted by mattihp View Post
Just speculating with some finnish options in goal goalies without contract as far as I know. Most of these are rather well known, which is what I expect Örebro to go after.

Former kings finnish draft pick goalie, Carl Grahn is without contract. Rumours place him in lower leagues in sweden.

Antti Ore is another senior goalie without contract.

Both have been playing mostly Mestis.

Jan Lundell hasn't gotten a new contract with HIFK. He is 34 years old and has been a starter in SM-liiga a couple of seasons here and there.

Pasi Häkkinen is without contract. Sharing the net of Ilves last season, 30 years old. Journeyman in SM-liiga.

Joni Puurula, 25 years old. Montréal draft pick. A bust or boom kind of goalie that hasn't looked all that good at all times. Jokerit backup last season.
I'm wondering if that wouldn't bee too expensive for them though. It's one thing to offer Finnish players a contract as a way to make some "extra bucks" once they are eliminated from the play-offs in Finland, but to ask someone to relocate for at least a season and then play in a "crappy" div 3 club would probably require a hefty pot of gold in the end of that rainbow, me thinketh.

What I would love for them to do is along your lines however. I hope they would approach a proven, older guy, like Jan Lundell, and offer him a two-year-contract as a player/goalie coach, which would then justify a bigger salary. Not that I know anything about Jan, so he might not be the right man for such a job, but I'm sure there are a couple of great, aging, players, who are well wired to coach and open to play while giving coaching a try.... then again, that would require faith in their own Jr. ranks as well as patience, which seems to be foreign concepts to Örebro Hockey Klubb.

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