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05-20-2008, 08:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Mugerya View Post
See, I don't think the NHL now is all that wide open. They may call more hooks and holds, but they ignore most of the other stuff... namly interference. I just don't see guys thriving in the 'openness'. Granted I haven't seen any clips (which aren't exactly applicable to the NHL) but it seems like the guys thriving now are the one's that can stickhandle in traffic because you get alot of calls. Maybe that's Morozov's game, but I'd to see him here before I am convinced.

Now none of that really goes against Jon's point that it's a no-lose propostion. I just think we need to be careful with our assesment of the current NHL. My other concern is how his still meshes with our current direction. I don't see much success with the east-west system (pit is the exception but they have the tremendous talent needed to pull it off).
I don't think there is more room for soft perimeter players either, like a Phil Kessel for example.

But the team that handles the puck best wins -- thats for sure. Its extremely hard to win if you play allot without the puck.

Look at Dallas for example, they got allot of speed and hustle on the wings -- but most of their wingers are also very heads up and sees the ice really well. Or better then the avg energy winger.

I am not sold on Morozov either. Like I guess hed be ok in a bigger role -- but he would be very expensive.

Whats also is really interesting to see from Detroit is how seldom they dump the puck in compared to everyone else in this league. I recently heard a tactical guru in Sweden talk about how he thinks there is far to much dumping the puck in the game today. D's cheat out there allot these days, they abandon the defensive blueline and goes pretty deep so that they can retrive a dumped puck.

In the end I think someone like Korpikoski is a perfect example of a player type we should look for in the future -- like fast, hard working and with serviceble skills. Other examples are Loui Eriksson in Dallas or Valteri Fillpula in Detroit. Then you need the odd skilled center who can transport the puck and the odd PF who can be a factor infront of the net on the PP and along the boards 5 on 5.

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