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Originally Posted by mcphee View Post
I went to opening day religiously. One of the last of the Loria era saw the fans in our section chanting "LORIA SUCKS' thru a good part of the game.

Opening day would usually see a lot of casual fans, glad to take a day off work.

One guy turns to the guy next to him and says, 'who's this Gloria ?'

Guy beside him, 'I dunno, but I'd like to meet her'.

You sum up the 3 villains of the perfect storm, perfectly. I guess Bronfman saw where the business was going and wanted no part of it. Too bad. I was always a bit surprised or suspicious that he never saw or reacted to, the $ signs in Brochu's eyes.

I've started to regain a bit of interest this year, a bit. There's some good young players out there that I like, but frankly, I have a hard time caring about a team. If I had to chosse, I lean a bit towards the Jays, but I don't really care. I enjoyed watching Boston win, now they're just the Yankees with a bit of self-rtighteousness attached. Like the 2nd richest kid in class should be more popular ?

I can look at the Expos 2 ways. I can remember how I felt after G3 of the 81 semis after Rogers beat the Dodgers, 4-1 on a Jerry White homer. We were to wound up to go home, so my friend and I went into the Aird Tavern to kill an hour. On Hochelaga st., you could still hear the Steve chant.

I can forget the last time I went, opening day that was up against G1 of the Tampa series where the stadium was so humid and the atmosphere so bleak that you just knew that the Expos were already gone.

So yeah, Beetles Bailey has a fonder place in the memory banks that Ryan Church, who I trust will someday be given daily cold water enemas.
Never a huge baseball fan but the Expos were very close to my heart. Even in the Expos heydays, I had no interest in watching baseball if the Expos didn't play.

I loved the Expos although they broke my heart so many times. I will never forget Blue Monday, or Steve Carlton shutting them down to eliminate us, or Willie Stargell coming in with his We Are Family Pirates and eliminating us on the last week of the series, or the lockout robbing the city of the best team the Expos ever assembled.

I will never forget the feeling of waking into Jarry Park or the Big O for that matter, walking up the ramp towards the field and seeing the players take batting practice or fielding for the first time. There is just something that is very difficult to explain.

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