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05-20-2008, 04:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Slick Cat View Post
Best GM in the league?????? Shouldn't we make it through a couple of playoff rounds, or at least make it to the FIRST round before he gets that title? When he gives away Ollie, which he will do because it is clear he wants him out, for a couple of maybees and has beens then lets revisit. He has a lot to do this offseason.

Major areas:

Frolik must be signed, losing his rights would be incredibly emabarrasing and another examplae to the league of our mediocrity as an organization.

Bouw must be signed long term this offsseason or traded for at least a first line scoring forward and an adequate replacement defenseman

If Ollie is traded, which he shouldn't be, he better get good value in players ready to contribute now to make up the 35 goals a year he puts up every single year with third-fourth line caliber line mates.

Upgrades are needed up front.

Depending on how he comes out of these four we will either be contenders or losers again.
I'd actually want more proof of this.

All we've ever seen is baseless speculation of the huge rift between the two. Ollie not traded at the deadline? Huge blow to the Martin regime, he'll be out this offseason.

It's ridiculous. I'm sick of the assumptions some people have to make to make themselves feel better about their past wild accusations.

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