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05-20-2008, 03:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Slick Cat View Post
He went from best to one of the best to you, but in my opinion he is not even close.

JM the GM allowed JM to coach and picking a head coach is one of the most important things a GM will do. He is the same guy so I don't think it makes sense to completely forgive him as a GM when the team failed again. He is the GM that resigned Stumpel and Peltonen who did NOTHING. He is the GM who refused to get a tough guy until the owner forced him to. He is the GM that signed Maclean, Zednik and Dvorak to upgrade our forwards. Aside from a better second half from Maclean and a two week hot stretch from Zednik, we got pretty much zero production out fo thsoe 5 signings. Did he do some good things? of course, but it was not such groundbreaking approach signing Weiss, Horton and Allen. All of the teams are doing it with their young players, if he didn't do it he would not be doing his job at all. Getting Vokoun turned out well but one could argue that he was not very consistent and had his off nights at the absolute worst times. And it was Anderson, not Vokoun, who picked us up when we needed it.

Depnding on how he deals with the areas I mentioned in an earlier post, we will see.
I can't STAND Stumpel and have never liked the guy on the team, but it's hard to argue his not being re-signed based on his numbers from the previous season.
Peltonen isn't a scorer and not a 1st line guy, but he was great last season after his injury on the checking line.
Zednik's always been streaky and McLean, imo, overacheived which to me affirms Olli as a playmaker.
Dvorak was brought in to help on the PK mostly, which he did.

I'm not really trying to sugarcoat things, ut I think they were more filler for holes so Martin could plug other areas and look at the team as a whole. It was his first offseason and there were(and still are) plenty of issues on this team that need to be sorted out.

So far as the enforcer, Martin likes guys that aren't big liabilities. The enforcers available were all that, at least greater than Belak is. Koci, Shelley, Winchester, etc. are guys who were available but weren't his liking. A lot of people have said that he should have gotten Belak sooner, and while we needed an enforcer years ago and I was one of the biggest voices in that, but I don't think Belak himself was available until the deadline. JFJ was in there until just before the deadline and he may not have been willing to trade their only enforcer. Ferguson was challenged to fix the team, thus Belak was made available.

Martin's NOT the best in the NHL, but he's not been a slouch.

Future now!
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