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05-25-2004, 12:23 AM
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Originally Posted by nyr7andcounting
How about this, instead of trading up Toronto's pick this year, we trade it for a first rounder next year. Let's say a team that picked earlier sees a player they almost took drop to 24/25, they might be willing to give up their pick next year to make that pick this year. If we trade with the right team, you'd have to assume we would have a first rounder next year in the 5-15 range along with our own first rounder. It's perhaps the easiest way to move up in a draft. You don't lost any assests, while you move up 10-15 spots depending on the team you trade with.
This happens in the NFL a lot, but almost never in the NHL, especially with high round picks. Maybe in the bottom rounds if a team wants to take a flyer on a longshot and doesn't have a pick, they'll offer next year's pick in the same round (the Rangers did this to select the immortal Pontus Petterstrom a couple of years ago).

In any event, this kind of deal is entirely buyer-driven. Slats can push sucha trade until the cows come home, but unless another team is desperate for someone on the board at #26, that dog won't hunt.

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