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05-21-2008, 05:30 AM
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Originally Posted by dzd ncnfzd View Post
HaHa QGD, I can understand the hate!! And he's not even a proud scouse now!!!
He and the Sun should leave well enough alone I guess, did you digest your breakfast after reading that!!!
He hasn't been a proud scouser for years, but that's his choice. He talks about Everton fans 'understanding' him when he talks to The Sun. Nice display of understanding there Wayne. Bravo. Nice job disproving that stereotype about dumb footballers. The majority of an ENTIRE CITY won't touch that paper, but then they aren't being paid off by them. Maybe that makes things on the moral compass turn a little more easily

Thankfully, I only just saw that once I'd got to work, so my breakfast had a little time to settle. If it does come back up though, I'm almost overwhelmed with choices of who to send it through the post to

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