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05-21-2008, 08:53 PM
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Originally Posted by anarmandaleb View Post
Think I've got a shot with Higgy?

Honestly, though, C. Ronaldo could be a well-loved player by everyone given his potential greatness but his attitude is ridiculous.
It's like if you took Sidney Crosby's talent and then combined that with the attitude of Avery, Upshall, Downie, Pronger, and Jokinen (and the IQ of Derian Hatcher) and added Komisarek's looks.
Can you point to specific incidents that speak to his poor attitude? I can think of one in particular, the most obvious one at the World Cup. However, it seems like everybody in the world had a bigger fit about it than even Wayne Rooney himself. It really is a wonder why Rooney and Ronaldo are great friends, despite that?

Ronaldo in his younger days was a diver. No questions about it. However, he has grown up significantly after his World Cup experience. Yet, you somehow seem to lump him into the same boat as Avery, Downie and Pronger? Not even close. I'd equate him more with a Mike Ribeiro. Someone who was petulant as a younger player, but grown up to take a leadership role on his club.

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