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05-21-2008, 10:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Kachino82 View Post
Dude, it's not a question about being jealous or not... It's a question about hating something like crazy without being able to give credit when credit is due... You can hate everything in the world by looking at the negative things. Crazy examples: I hate Crosby because he dives and whines all the time but I don't mention anything about his awesome playmaking skills, his great hustle and love for the game. I hate Price because he didn't performed well during the 2nd round of playoffs, was mentally drained but I don't mention that he's only 20 and has a super bright future in front of him and can learn from the 2nd round playoff experience. I hate this because of that ... but the good thing is not always mentioned... (hum, I guess I went a bit off-topic with my examples...)

Honestly, I'm looking forward to all the heated discussion that the Euro 08 will bring on these boards... I guess tonight was the start of it...

Originally Posted by Jaydee96 View Post
Has nothing to do with jealousy.
I have every right to not like a player.
I respect his talent and everything esle about him.

I just dont like him because of his constant diving and complaining to the refs.

read bold

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