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05-22-2008, 04:28 AM
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This is a very serious topic - dear Hockey fans.
I wrote about this couple years ago and it was fobbed off as non sense.

There is a cataclysmic shift of forces going on. The Russians with whom I am dealing with are not only very proud and patriotic but they are also filthy rich. The price of crude oil, natural gas, gold etc has risen and will keep on rising. in their national pride they want to be 2nd to noone.

Hockey in towns such as Omsk, Ufa, Salavat, Kazan is pretty much the only entertainment there is amongst drab polluted every day life. the middle class is slowly getting on their feet. The oligarchs use the hockey clubs as another measuring stick of their ego and Mojo. After having bought 3 super yachts, 5 planes, 2 football clubs - hockey is next. First of all they want to one up their oligarch buddies like they do in the horse racing in the Middle East or UK. then they want to one up the North americans because they don't want to be treated as provicial morons. so fully expect them to start buying up north american,
baseball just to prove they can....

In Ufa you can't play football or race horses nor play soccer in winter time, but you will find thousand of keen working class people to fervently support their local hockey team.

So I say again...just as the NHL has started to self impose salary caps to allow a socialist profit sharing the russians will shower Dollars on the unsuspecting free agents to lure them away with unequalled capitalist fervor. I am not surprised 12 myn were allegedly offered to Jagr the news strategically leaked into the market during Jagr's negotiations with the Rangers.

I still believe Jagr will continue to play for the Rangers. He has more money than he could spend in 5 life times in his homeland where he will be a national hero regardless.
Money is no longer his main objective. He wants to be evaluated fairly but he wants to be a legend most of all.

But other players will take the bait, and they will no longer be your fringe players such as Yashin, Yushkevitch, Morozov. there will be many Canadians, american going over there soon. The Czechs, Slovaks, Fins and Swedes are already there. Now the
Russian clubs will up the ante and go for the Stars.

The race for the talent pool is on. Underestimate it at your own peril.

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