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05-25-2004, 09:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Prucha73
Please don't state your opinions like facts. Poti IS tradeable.
He IS tradeable, if you are willing to take absolutely nothing in return and pick up every last cent of his contract. However, seeing as how that is not likely, Poti is not tradeable. Please see Singin's response for the reasons why.

"as for poti, i think he is movable but only in a package deal, where we include him with a draft pick or two and some cash, some people on this site seem hellbent that bettman will install a hardcap and teams will be screwed, which is not the case

the cap will either be grandfathered in, maybe starting at 45 then within 2 to 3 years being at 35 million, or there may be the 2-3 player exception rule, each team having players that dont count against the cap, while teams that dont use this option get an extra draft pick in the draft, or even the nhl could just use a luxury tax for teams over the cap to go to the teams that are under the cap (something teams like NY, detroit, philly, and toronto could afford)"

Be it a hard cap, or a luxury tax, something WILL be installed. Even if you claim that 2 or 3 players will fall under the exception rule, I would say that between Holik, Jagr, & Kasper, we have those players covered.
The salary is not even the biggest part of why he is untradeable (although it is a factor). Poti plays ZERO defense. Plus he thinks that he should not be held accountable for not playing defense. Remember the article that I posted? In it, Poti said that it is not fair that he, as an "offensive guy", be held to the same standard of defensive responsibility as that of a "defensive guy", since the "defensive guys" are not held responsible for goal scoring, like the "offensive guys".
That article was the last straw for me as far as Porta goes. The clown does not think that he should backcheck or clear the crease of rebounds and players becuase he is not a "defensive guy". Nice attitude. As Singing' says, for an "offensive" player" to have 24 points is ridiculous. Heck, we ridicule Hlavac as being an abomination last year, but even he had more points/assists than Poti did. And Poti averages a tad over 9 minutes MORE of ice time. Why would ANY team trade for him? And please do not tell me how Atlanta needs him. Hartley would have nothing to do with a player like that.
Anyway, a $3.1m contract, an aversion to contact, being an utter liability in the defensive zone and an attitude of where he feels that he should not be held accountable for being inept defensively, are all factors of why he is untradeable.

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