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Originally Posted by PukkuMikku View Post
Not sure if that holds true for hockey fans.

If they made viewing international play easier, ie: not exclusively on some damn internet feed that you have to pay for. Then i think people would watch.

And, besides that, like i said the league would play within its self most of the season, only a few inter-league games, and the finals.

Like MLB's National League/American League set up.
Any sort of NHL European division or a Champion's League for the Stanley Cup does sound awesome in theory.

But timezone differences can be a factor in the interest level on either side of the Atlantic. And would the momentum of the NHL playoffs carry into games against KHL teams? Or vice-versa? If the leagues were just superficially connected by having the best teams play at the end (like the Memorial Cup), I don't think there would be as much interest, it may be seen as an all-star tournament at best.

I don't think it could work like the Memorial Cup where everyone wins their own championship and then all the champions + some extra teams go at it again. It wouldn't mean that much to me if say Pittsburgh beat Detroit in the finals of the NHL, and then Pittsburgh and Detroit ended up facing off again in the Champion's League finals and Detroit won. It would be weird. It would be have to be something where right from the first or second round, you have European teams playing NHL teams.

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