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Originally Posted by James Mirtle View Post
It very well could be a ploy from Jagr and his agent to put this out there.
First of all, unless I missed something, you're the one who dredged up something Laraque said a month ago, while he was in the midst of a playoff series in which his team was facing Jagr's (no conflict of interest there, eh?) I generally respect what you write, but you lose points in my book for coming on here and trying to blame a rumor you spread, that then took on a life of it's own, on Jagr and his agent. What exactly do Jagr or his agent really stand to gain by starting a rumor like this? Jagr knows he can get on a plane and fly to Omsk tomorrow and make the max salary allowable in the KHL ($6.7m). Glen Sather also knows this because Omsk's GM Anatoli Bardin was here in NY in April and made it quite clear. Sather already knows he can't match Bardin's offer financially because of the different tax structures in the US and Russia. Jagr would net significantly more money getting paid a $6.7m salary in Russia than he would being paid the same amount in NY. And Jagr's bright enough to know what the Rangers salary cap situation is, and that at his age, he's unlikely to get $6.7m here, nevermind the $10m+ it would take to equal the net value of the $6.7m Russian contract. It's absolutely pointless for him to manufacture a rumor of a $12m salary from a team to which he has no connection when he already knows Sather can't and won't match the actual offer that's on the table from Omsk.

It's one thing to propagate an unsubstantiated rumor on your blog. It's another to try and deflect the attention it brings by suggesting the player himself (or his agent) is the source.

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