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Originally Posted by #ZAMBONI# View Post
As i said previously , skating lessons and powerskating are 2 different things . You don't take " lessons " of powerskating but do it , as like you don't take bicycle lessons , when you are doing stationary bike . You can do powerskating at home with the machine to do it . You just slide from a side to the other , to devlop your muscle and the to get the righty motion . Skating lessons is completly different ; You learn the start position , the balance of your body , how high you need to be on your legs , the distance betwen your skates from your left to your right motion etc...

2-3 years ago , Ribeiro just took 3 lessons of skating , and it was enough for him to adjust his technic . i remenber at that time that a lot of fans were furious againts him because he just took 3 lessons ; they were again confonding powerskating ( that you need to do often ) with skating lessons .

Latendresse didn't take skating lessons last summer . I know that he made powerskating , but maybe it was during the season , not during the summertime

what the heck are you talking about, i took powerskating lessons last year and there all about sharp turns, acceleration and learning how to bend your knees properly in order to maximise every leg movement you make, Latendresse didn't go on the ice last summer, that part please get it threw that thick skull of yours, he had an off-ice exercise plan with Livingston, that's it.

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