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05-22-2008, 08:23 PM
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Quick translation

Pk watched the movie the Rocket and loved it,he said he realised how much Richard was important for the French Canadians, he says " The scene when he gets hit and falls on the ice, with blood all over him, get stitches and come back to score the winning goal while he had a commotion....Just seeing such a passion for hockey, is the root of what means wearing a habs jersey. I know that one day, if I get the chance, I ll bleed and sweat for this team.
TT came to my home before the draft and he saw all pictures of Maurice and Henri Richard, pictures of my father with Jean Beliveau, he saw we werent kidding"

Then they say Pk became a more complete player this year helping the Bulls reaching the 100 points for the first time.

Burnett, his coach said at the beginning of the year he was trying to protect him, trying to not make him play against the best players but then prooved he was able to do the job by being as good offensively as defensively. His coach says his play is as good with the puck as it is without.
"He s always ready to work and train hard, doing what he has to do to improve, we always have to insist for him to leave the ice, he spends a lot of time preparing himself, on and off the ice. He has a nice personality and doesnt cut corners, it s guy like him you want in your team"

They then say he got a tying goal and an assist in his last game that ended in OT.
Says he was happy to be part of the WJC at only 18, says hegot to see the best playing, he learned a lot of like how to prepare yourself before a game.

I wont even try to translate that part where they say he looks like Larry Robinson when he staking the puck at the blue line and try to deke everyone.

Sorry for the bad grammar or...wording?

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