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05-23-2008, 07:32 AM
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No matter what, my head seems to get bigger. I guess it helps with cell phone reception.

My wife just walked by and took a gander. That means a look, you didn't steal a male goose or anything. She laughed and suggested you guys need to find jobs. I think that she would rather stocky mcphee as all other possibilities make me look like a bobblehead.

If I passed away, maybe it would be a good memory for to have bobblehead Mike in the rear car windshield, but hopefully, that's not for awhile.

The hockey picture around the pot belly stove makes me think of my old man, he played in outdoor rinks with those in the changing shacks. Apparently if you had a tough game against someone, the scene in the shack could get violent, something about his brother Robert getting into a brawl after a game against the Deaf and Dumb Institute. Really, who could make this up ?

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