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05-23-2008, 07:44 AM
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Originally Posted by orland View Post
While he hits hard many are cheap shots from behind into the boards.
That is actually not true. Most of Hollweg's hits are not from behind and are legal. Some of the more border line calls are done due to reputation rather than actual deed.
He may of cost us the playoffs in game 3 with his patented boarding move.
You know, I keep reading this over and over again. Yes, that particular penalty was ill-timed and stupid. However, I seem to recall Callahan taking a pretty stupid 4 minute penalty earlier that game that also resulted in a power play goal. However, that seems to get lost in the shuffle in the entire "Hollweg is the reason the Rangers lost" argument. How is it that Callahan does not get chastised and Hollweg bears all the blame?

Hollweg is what he is. I question whether or nor replacing him with Byers on the 4th line will be an actual improvement. First of all, NO ONE is scoring points while Betts is the center and Orr is the other wing (which he WILL be). I like Byers and think that he has a chance to be a decent 3rd line wing in the future, but it is debateable if he can have an impact on the 4th line next year. I would rather he, like Korpikoski, continued to develop his offensive game for another year.

The reality is that given the ice time and the probable lack of production that will come from playing with Betts and Orr, Hollweg may just be the perfect choice for the 4th line. He brings plenty of energy and hits more often than any other player, given his lack of ice time. To me, that is what I want from my 4th liners. I would not want his 4-5 minutes to be handed to Byers or Korpikoski, as it may actually deter their growth.

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