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05-23-2008, 01:58 PM
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Originally Posted by UAGoalieGuy View Post
If Staal continues to progress, in two years he will easily be making more then $5 million a season. The way RFA's are being paid and the decreasing age to reach UFA status you have to sign him to a larger contract then normal to prevent another team throwing an offer sheet at him.
Again if you want to keep a player for an extra year just offer him salary arbitration. No team can offer him an offersheet than. Than hopefully he will do a 1 year deal for a decent salary before cashing in the next year. Like we did w/ hank.

Originally Posted by UAGoalieGuy View Post
Granted a lot can happen in two years and who knows how much more (Or little, hopefully not little) Staal will progress. Maybe saying your projected line-up wasn't deep was the wrong statement. I don't see how its much better then this past season. Stillman probably isn't even necessary for the Rangers to go after in my proposed line-up. I just have a feeling that if Jagr is re-signed, Straka will be re-signed as well.
Hossa is a huge improvement over Hossa both offensively and defensively. Liles can lead the PP. Both are good at the PP. if our PP was halfway decent this season we would be in the SCF and not Pittsburgh. Also if Straks comes back at say $2mil I would sign him and just let avery walk. It will free up a little cap space and it won't be that big of a difference to the team.

Originally Posted by UAGoalieGuy View Post
As for Hossa, adding him at $8.5 million, cuppled with Gomez at $7.1, Drury at $7, and Henrik at $6.75 (That's almost $30 million, more then 1/2 of the salary cap for next season, tied up in 4 players). That amount will be on the books for a min. of the next 4 years. WIth the cap going up to around $56 million, that leaves an average of $1.625 million left per player to fill the remaining 16 spots (Not even counting one or two reserve players) A team cannot afford to do something like that and still remain competitive in the NHL. There is no wiggle room. I mean what happens if for some reason the cap has to go down? Or doesn't go up as much as it has in the past? The Rangers could be in some deep trouble keeping their younger players then.
Ok that is the scary part. but look at it this way. There aren't alot of players who will be getting big raises, and we have a tons of cheap talent in that time period. which is why it is feasible. the only players gettting big raises will be Staal and maybe Dubi.

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