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Originally Posted by -31- View Post
disagree on Pitkanen being a maybe. he's definetly a good defenseman, and may be a great one down the road.
Joni has all the talent in the world to be a "great one down the road." However, he's a headcase. He couldn't handle the media and the "boos" in Philly, imagine how he'd fair in NYC.

On the ice, his offensive abilities will amaze you. However, he defensive play will leave you shaking your head. You'll be able to deal with it, if he's scoring, but if he gets in one of his moods, and thus enters a scoring drought, he can be the most frustrating player to watch.

Originally Posted by The Thomas J. View Post
do we really need another thread about this??

Pass, somthing about him doesn't sit right with me.
You are a smart one, and it's not the injuries, believe me, that's the least of it. It's his whining and his mental game.

Originally Posted by chosen View Post
I'm surprised by how many here feel Tyutin is a physical defenseman. I regard him as a defenseman who is OK in almost every area but not excellent in any area. Then there is the fact that his shot is abominably inaccurate.

Pitknaen at least is a very good offensive dman. His only question mark is rumored personality issues but if we can take Avery's "quirks" we can probably take Pitkanen's quirks.
Avery and PItkanen are two very different "beasts" as far as antics are concerned. Avery's antics can make you laugh, Joni's will make you wondering if he's a 12 year old school girl.

When Eric Desjardins, one of the classiest guys on the planet, writes about how Joni was such a problem in the Flyers locker room, you know something ain't right.

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