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05-24-2008, 12:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Spawn View Post
He seemed to handle the Edmonton fans and media pretty well.
I seriously doubt the Edmonton media would even compare to the NY media. Until you've seen it in action (I live less than 5 miles from NYC) you probably shouldn't compare. I guess the same could be said for me and the Edmonton media, but the NY media has the reputation it does for valid reasons.

His defensive game was better than his offensive game this year.
You'll be surprised to hear that I am glad to hear that. His defensive game used to give me fits.

Not once this past season did we have a case of Pitkanen whining. Not once
Glad to hear that as well. I always wished the best for Joni when he left.

I'm so tired of Flyer fans chiming in on Pitkanen when they haven't seen him play for a year. You guys have got to stop being bitter over the whole situation, and move on.
Bitter? Hardly. Lupul was great for us, especially before Hatcher knocked him out, and what can one say about Smith? A true warrior is an understatement. Did you hear that he played this entire playoffs with two separated shoulders? In a nutshell, I wouldn't reverse the trade for a second. I'm glad you guys are so happy with Pitkanen. From your thoughts, it sounds like one trade that both sides "won."

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