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05-24-2008, 10:49 AM
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Originally Posted by ebn View Post
I think we should sign Sundin and Jagr for two years. They can still play.

Look at these forward lines.

Avery Sundin Jagr
Dawes Gomez Drury
Korpikoski Dubinski Callahan

These three lines are solid.
We can have them for two years.
Go for it.

We finally get a center for Jagr.
We get the scoring we need.

The only other forward to get besides Sundin is Rolston and lets face it Sundin is the best player available and exactly what we need.
I'm not trying to be contradicting.


Those lines are not solid.

Gomez still doesn't have a legit scoring winger.

And Callahan, as much as we all love him, is not going to magically turn into the offensive force we hope.

The second thing is
We finally get a center for Jagr.
We get the scoring we need.
We are NOT catering to Jagr's needs anymore. This is NOT the New York Jagrs. This is the New York RANGERS. And we do not need to sign ANOTHER center, when we already spent 14 mil on TWO last summer. And apparently NEITHER of them satisfied his playing needs.

We CAN NOT afford to keep catering to this guy.

14 mil wrapped up into Gomez and Drury. THEY are the ones you go out and get complimenting players for.

Gomez needs a LEGIT scoring winger.

Drury needs a LEGIT scoring winger.

The defense needs a LEGIT shut down, mean defenseman.

The Power Play needs a LEGIT quarterback.

THESE are the issues that need to be addressed. NOT Jagr having yet ANOTHER 7+ million center that may or may not satisfy him.

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