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05-24-2008, 07:41 PM
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Originally Posted by inferno272 View Post
I knew that would be the first thing people pointed out.

All I can say is.



Those guys played regular minutes for the playoffs. You cant seriously tell me Souray wouldnt be a welcome addition to this lackluster blueline group.
And our defense was the reason why we lost.

You want a guy who's as bad as those guys defensively, but paid twice as much as Backman and Strudwick combined?

Is he the best defensive player in the world? No. Neither is Girardi, Tyutin, Malik, Rozsival, or Mara. They get by because we have a system that doesnt depend on 1 guy making the defensive stops all the time.
No, they're not the best, but they're all worlds better defensively than Souray, who is as useful as a pylon defensively.

They will all get by because they can actually play a semblance of defense.

Souray won't get by because he's terrible defensively, and his offense is limited to a shot on the power play.

I'd rather sign Brad Stuart than trade for Souray.

BUt what I like about Souray is he can legitimately fight, he has no problems laying other guys out, AND he has offensive ability from the point.
Souray has no problems laying guys out, but the issue at hand there is how often he's successful in doing so, and the percentages there aren't very good.

His "offensive ability" from the point is just a shot. He's not a power play qb, don't get him confused with a guy like Zubov, Lidstrom, or Kaberle, who can distribute the puck well and get good shots on net.

He's just like Mara, but more overpaid and with a harder shot. I'd rather keep Mara and work on his shooting.

Youre not going to find very many Dion Phaneufs out there. Hes one in a million. Every player is going to have negatives. I just happen to find the positives Souray would bring are very much needed on this team.
I'm not saying that we need 6 Phaneuf's on defense, but rather that the positives that Souray brings are little, and can be found elsewhere at much cheaper prices.

He's just not worth it, and definitely not worth giving up top assets for.

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