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05-24-2008, 07:56 PM
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If i were a detroit fan i would have beat my television set to death.

How can that be no goal... I clearly remember one of the flyers player SLASH price's glove so that he cant catch and as a result the flyers scored.

This is absolutely ridiculous. I love the game (my favorite sport out there) but it has to be the worst refed sport ever. Absolute nonsense. From game to game rules are made up, penalties that were penalites are no penalties and incidents that were not called are called. I have no prejudice on whoever wins this series, but this call just got me so mad.

The league should sit down and really solve this officiating problem once and for all.

Edit: Maybe we should make a petition for more consistent officiating or something so that the league realises that its audience is no pleased.

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