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05-24-2008, 10:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Jonathan. View Post
WHY though?

If it's 1 year deals for both, why not?

****, I mean, why NOT go for the Cup as long as we aren't going to go over the cap or anything?

We might as well sign 'em both for a year and see what happens. If we fall on our faces, who the **** cares? We get a solid draft pick and can move 'em both at the deadline for a plethora of youth and picks.

I'm drunk now, but excuse me if I come off as a dick here. Some of you guys are just ridiculous about signing vets sometimes.

We might as well get them both if we can for a decent price. Do you want Hossa for 15 years at 9M? OR would you rather sign rejects like Huselius and Ryder to try and get some scoring? Those guys won't do jack (outside of Hossa).

Why not sign these guys and go for it? No reason not to, if you ask me.

Sundin would be a welcome addition to the club. Leadership, consistency, etc etc. And he wants to ****ing win a Cup. THAT'S the drive we need. The guy wants to win. He's never won one.

If we can get them for a decent price, do it. Go for the damn Cup.

I'd rather do that then settle for being out of the playoffs or with a bunch of ****** reject signings for a "decent price".

I like you as a poster a lot Shadow. But seriously. Rangers fans are way, way too passive at times about signings.

I mean, I've seen some really ridiculous names tossed around here. I, myself, have done it as well.

But this is really a great idea if he could come at a cost of less than 7M. And with Jagr back or another scorer. ****, sign Sundin and Hossa if you want. I don't care. We need a vet like Sundin to go for the Cup. I was ADAMANT about trading for him last season and I am still now about signing him this offseason. He'd be an incredible addition to our team.
I'm tired of the Rangers M.O. While there have been positive steps youth-wise, the name on the back of the jersey has been and always will be this organization's chief concern. A concern that has, to date, brought them 4 Cups and whole lot of missed playoffs. Signing Sundin would be just one more chapter in a very long and badly penned book, and I just don't know if I can take another page of it.

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