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05-25-2008, 10:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
I think that this article is nothing more but for Meehan to diffuse any type of threat that this rumor may have started and tell the Habs management that they were not part of it. There's no need, in order for Andrei to cash it in nicely, to start a war with the Habs right off the bat.

Now, if the negotiations doensn't go accordingly, wouldn't be surprise to see that rumor pop up again.

I would love to believe that it is case, and it may probably well be, but I have more the tendancy to believe that it's Meehan at his best working for his client.
I think you are bang on....

Meehan is one of the best agents out there in the hockey world.... I don't think he'd do anything that he feels would cost his client (or himself) money. He's obviously discussed a strategy with Andrei.... Andrei wants to stay and they know Bob Gainey is a fair GM, there is no need to start a war of words in the media and create resentment. I'm sure they will a get a deal done that is agreeable for both sides.

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