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Originally Posted by Sunshine
I'm glad this topic inspired some thought, I'm hoping we can build a good list.
One song that is a surefire "great hockey song" is manbreak's "ready or not"

Any specific songs from your list of
Overkill, Testament, Manowar, Pantera, Megadeth, Motorhead
sure here are some:

Overkill: Wrecking Crew, F.U.C.T., etc.

Manowar: The Power, Number 1, Hand of Doom, House of Dead, Return of the Warlord, etc.

Testament: D.N.R., Dog Faced Gods, Down for Life, Electric Crown, etc.

Megadeth: Crush'Em, Symphony of Destruction, Take no Prisoners, A Secret Place, Rust In Peace, Rattlehead, etc.

Motorhead: Ace of Spades, Tear ya Down, Over your Shoulder, Sacrifice, The Game, etc.

Pantera: Death Rattle, Yesterday don't mean *****, ******* Electric, Drag the Waters, 5 Minutes Alone, I'm Broken, Walk, Rise, Mouth for War, etc.

Another awesome band that would fit great is Pro-Pain, here are some songs: Bad Blood, Pound for Pound, Make War not Love, Foul Taste of Freedom, Murder 101, Death on the Dance Floor, Down in the Dumps, The Beast is Back, One Man Army, Switchblade Knife, etc.

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