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05-25-2008, 03:22 PM
But y u mad?
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Originally Posted by Jay88 View Post
But $$ is the situation. I think it will come down to the cheapest of them all. Cause NYR needs to re up quit a few players on offense and, players are demading money especailly the type of players that NYR needs.Which is a couple of top 6 wingers who can produce. I see Stuart and MArkov demanding more then Orpik and Commodore.So they seem to be more realistic.And as Brooks said to pick up Orpik ( If not him then Commodore ) skip on Campbell and go after after Streit.

Staal-Orpik ( FA )
Streit ( FA )-Mara *** If not Mara Sauer/Backman ( I would prefer Sauer )***

Thats what i would like to see on defense. Pass on Rozsival, i thought he look bad the whole second half and the playoffs. As for Malik well Im not even considering him.
Putting Orpik on the first pairing worries me...
The Ranger's problem recently has been that we have been taking 3/4 guys like Malik and Roszival and sticking them on the top pairing...they aren't top pairing guys, although Roszival has come along quite a bit. Putting Orpik on the top pairing may expose his flaws, like Malik's and Roszival...personally I think if this team were more balanced we'd have one or two players higher on the depth chart than Roszival and Staal...we have way too many centres. Out of our current batch, Roszival is most suited for the top pairing, he can log minutes, hit play reasonable defense and lead the rush, and the powerplay...all though if we got Campbell, he'd be instantly expendable, but at this point, i think we'd be much worse without him.

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