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05-25-2008, 04:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Who said anything about dealing him?..
I said Pittsburgh can't keep all their superstars unless they all take hometown discounts to stay with the club.

Staal's contract comes to an end next season, just like Malkin's, so i don't see what you're trying to say.
After Ovechkin's contract, I don't see why Malkin wouldn't ask for close to 10M. How much will Fleury sign for this year?..How much will Malone sign for?..etc etc..

Pittsburgh is in no need to trade anyone TODAY. But they won't be able to keep all their stars for long, whether they trade them or lose them to FA.

But like i said, I think their best move is to trade Malkin not Staal.
During the 07 WC, you could see the difference in the games of the 2 Staal's. Jordan pays attn. to detail, is a coach's player, does all the little trhing you want done, never gets you in trouble.

Eric can be frustarting for periods of time but is very explosive, and can put up numbers in a hurry after a slow start or a down period.

Now, I factor in that I was watching an 18 year old, but I didn't see the offensive upside that his brother has. I may prefer him, there are times that a 70 point guy is more valuable than a 90 point guy, but I don't think the verdict is in yet as to what kind of offensive player he'll become.

If he's a beast, but a 65-75 poiunt guy, he may never be at a salary range that would preclude Pitt. from keeping him.

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