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05-26-2008, 07:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Mr. Hab View Post
We have a chance to get Jared Staal, no? (according to the father of all young Staals, Jared is the most talented but least motivated but has been playing with more urgency in the last year or so, just in time for the Draft...).
MISQUOTE. They were talking about Jordan, not Jared.

There's a reason why nobody's talking about the brother of 3 of the best young stars in our game. If he were Jimmy Smith he'd be a 6th rounder.

Think Wayne Primeau, but a little more timid. Any GM that takes Jared in the 1st 2 rounds is an idiot. It's even questionable that Jared can even make it to the NHL with the way he skates right now.

Max potential: 3rd line checking forward, 20 goals.
Realistically: 4th line checking forward

If you want to take a guy in the 1st 2 rounds based on his bloodlines, pick Toews, or McRae in the 4th. Hell, even Brett Hextall will probably be a better NHLer than Jared Staal.

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