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05-26-2008, 01:25 PM
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The room sure seems to get 'lost' pretty easily doesn't it? I'm not saying that that's what really happened, but if it did at all, instead of pointing the finger at Vigneault, with the room being 'lost' two times in three years, that really says something about the core leadership of this team (mostly guys like Naslund). I'm getting pretty sick of this whole 'crumble under pressure', 'slacker attitude' stigma that seems to come with the guy, and I know I sound like I'm generalizing and letting other guys off the hook, but honestly, does anyone really doubt that the problems our team seems to consistently get into would be at the very least a 'little bit' better if our core guys maybe had stronger personality traits? If we had a guy like Ryan Smyth (not even necessarily a guy of his talent, just his determination) instead of Naslund, I don't doubt for a second that 'losing the room' or 'choking under pressure' would barely ever be a problem.

AV's a fine coach. He just really needs and deserves a better group to work with. I don't see how anyone with a clear head can bash a guy who got the absolute best (and then some) out of each and every one of his players the previous season, as well as the absolute best and then some out of this group when everyone was injured and we were basically icing an AHL defense (and I guess essentially what was compareable to an AHL offense), even if the way he gets there is a little unorthodoxed (sp?) sometimes. Let's not forget that the team was playing surprisingly well under the system even when half the team were from the Moose, and that we didn't begin to falter until after guys started coming back and getting healthy. To me that's a personnel problem and not a coaching one.

But either way, the way the schedule was and the injuries that piled up as a result, with the depth we have, I feel like the outcome was pretty much doomed to happen anyways. Blaming AV for what happened to this team is like blaming.. I dunno, Ohlund or Morrison for what happened to the Bertuzzi era. This team's greatest strengths right now are Luongo, Vigneault's coaching, the Sedin duo, our checking line, and I guess our supposed defensive depth, probably in that order. Without Vigneault, I doubt we're even close to playoff contention last year and barely fighting for a spot the year before.

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