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Originally Posted by worstfaceoffmanever View Post
Ellis being consistently as dominant in the playoffs as he was last year going forward is a pretty distant maybe in my book, as well. Remember that stretch in March where he got pulled 3 or 4 times? Hardly something you'd expect from your starting goaltender.

Rinne is and will be a very talented young goaltender, but the question is whether he's fully recovered from the mugging in Finland and is physically capable of handling a full NHL workload. After last season when he played more than 80% of his team's games, I'd say the answer is yes.

The risk with Ellis is that he may go into a Mason-like funk early in the year and we'll be behind right out of the gate, just like last year. We were in the same scenario last summer with Vokoun and Mason (though for different reasons, admittedly) and look what happened. There is a precedent with this situation, and I don't think Poile will do something like that twice.

Personally, while I think we should sign Ellis, I don't think we will, and Poile will look to sign Kolzig and then flip Mason to Colorado or Dallas once that deal goes down.
I don't expect Ellis to be consistently dominant like he was in the playoffs. But, I would expect him to be better than Mason or rookie Rinne.

Overall, Ellis had a good year with us. 23-10-3, .924sv, 2.34GAA. His play down the stretch got is in the playoffs. His play in playoffs gave us a chance. Yes, it could be a fluke, and he could pull a Mason, though I think Ellis showed more than Mason 2 years ago. But, at this point, it's the best option we have.

I agree, it maybe impossible to move Mason. The only hope is that we package him and a draft pick (3rd-4th rounder?) for "future considerations." Either that, or trade him for another severly overpiced player, like Michael Handzus or something.

If they can't find a suitor for him, Poile needs to consider biting the bullet and buying him out. He will still be counting 1m against our cap for the next 4 years (ouch), but atleast we'll likely have better goaltending (Ellis), and still have our potential "goaltender of the future."

Last option is to wavie him and hope someone claims him on re-entry. We'd be on the hook for half his salary (1.5m) over 2 years. This is slightly cheaper (1 million), and we'd only have to worry about the cap hit for 2 years, instead of 4. But, when is the earliest we can wavie and re-call a player? If not before July 1, it may hurt the Ellis negoiation.

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