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05-27-2008, 01:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Cao View Post
Cammalleri's value around the league isn't very high.

One reason is that he's small and can get knocked around easily, but the main reason is that it's pretty clear that he will go wherever the money takes him, so nobody will give up major assets for only one year of Cammalleri, as it will be difficult to re-sign him.
It will not be very easy to get him under contract for sure and I do see your point about that.

But letís consider his talent based upon the effectiveness of his performance over the last 3 years. He has 79 goals and 103 assists. Those are some fairly remarkable stats, especially when you consider that he has played on a team rebuilding that is very weak and certainly hasn't had another regular star quality player along-side him like say the Sedin's have had.

Take a look at the Sedin's. Henrik is an awesome playmaker (188 assist in 3 yrs) and netted only 43 goals. But remember he gets top line time and plays with Daniel who is also a star quality scorer. Daniel has scored 87 goals (only 8 more than Cammi) but gets to play with a stellar playmaker. I can imagine Cammi being somewhat comparable to Daniel in overall offensive effectiveness. Letís say Cammi played with Henrik for an entire season, don't you imagine that he's score pretty much on par with Daniel?

I don't think Cammi is a good direct compare to Henrik but I do think he can be comparable in offensive effectiveness to Daniel and lets remember than Daniel is 2 years older than Cammi and went 22-48-71 when he was 25 (Cammi went 34-46-80 when he was 24).

So basing my points on the effectiveness of his statistical performance for 3 years I guess I would not be so fast to say he his value is not very high.

What Cammi an proven scorer, and to team for that feels they are lacking that one essential piece he can be have more value than I think you are painting here.

Just my 2 cents.

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