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05-28-2008, 03:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Iggy-4-50 View Post
Is there a link to that statement?

Didn't think so! But personally i think you don't win with the Sedins as your "go-to-guys" either, good players but not "winners"
As a Canucks fan I can tell you that Gillis did say something along those lines. Now I don't have a link either but there are more then enough Canuck fans that can back me up on this as well.

Basically what he said was that he doesn't believe the Sedins are players you can build around. He said that if you can build a 1A 1B type of top 6 then it can work but the Sedins aren't exactly players that can carry a team. He's not a huge fan of the style they play.

With that said IMO the Sedins are solid 1st line players and they're still in their prime so it's very realistic that with the right linemate they could be a line that carrys a team to a championship.

The Sedins put up solid numbers the last two seasons basically by themselves. Not only do they NOT have a legit top line winger but they also play on a team that doesn't have enough secondary scoring at all.

Just imagine what they could do if they had a legit top line winger and a little extra secondary scoring to help them out.

Basically what you've seen with the Sedins over the last two seasons has been them doing it all on their own while facing the other teams best defensive players.

The stragey to shut down the Canucks offence was simple over the last two seasons. If you shutdown the Sedins you've got a great chance to win. With all that pressure on the Sedins they were still able to put up solid numbers which IMO does make them top line players.

I do believe that if the Sedins had a legit top line player (for example Rick Nash) then you may see a season where they'd put up 90-100 points.

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