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Originally Posted by Mr. Hab View Post
The Shining
The Exorcist
Silence of the Lambs (not sure if anyone has mentioned this, maybe it's more in the suspense/thriller/horror categories?!)
Rosemary's Baby
Children of Corn (scary when you watch it at a very, very young age!)
Halloween I
Ghostbusters (just kidding!)

Did anyone ever start a thread on "favorite comedies" or "favorite romantic-comedies" ?!!?

OK, enough is enough. I'm anything but homphobic, I don't buy into pre-conceived notions as to what guys should like, if I had a son and he rejected hockey for the works of Gilbert&Sullivan, I'd love him anyways, but favorite romantic comedies ?

If I call a lodge meeting, every now and then I call up some old buddies and just say 'lodge meeting Thursday', reminiscient of old Flintstone epiosed except with beer,
and asked what our favorite romantic comedies were, the table would go silent. Not a good silence. You can be in touch with your female side, you can even touch your female side, but your favorite romantic comedies ? You're treading in dangerous and frilly waters my friend.

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