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05-28-2008, 12:34 PM
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if you play a decent level of hockey i suggest keeping the pads in your pants... it's common for one to take out the foam pieces on the back of your legs (hamstring area) as it never used to exist there. The pads will lessen the blow if you were to get hit with a slapshot. Taking pads out of pants is similar to those that don't wear shoulder pads in non contact leagues. You drastically increase your chance of getting hurt from a needless injury. You may not get crushed into the boards but you can still get slashed, hit with pucks and thrown to the ice..

Myself... I stand at 5'9ish and I've always warn pants that are a little bigger for me (not a ton, but enough so they fit on my comfortably). If you haven't trashed the pants yet... go back to where you bought them. Tell them you made a mistake and that you would like to EXCHANGE them for a bigger pair. The store should have no problems with it at all.

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