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05-28-2008, 12:41 PM
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Dumont Arnott Radulov

If Radulov can become the player we all know he's capable of, this will be the best line you can see on this team.

Erat Legwand (Traded forward to be named later)

The Preds need to make a trade to fill this spot. I could see a Mike Cammalleri trade for a lower level defensive prospect. The guy's is a FA next year and this works well with what the Preds could have planned in 2 years.

Hornqvist Bonk Fiddler

Not the best line in the world, but with a trade, this puts Hornqvist on a 3rd line with scoring punch and some defense. Would I like to improve Bonk in this situation? Yes. But it's not going to kill the Preds here. Another, VERY, unpopular option could be to sign Sean Avery here. He can score, but the crux of this would be how much will his spleen injury effect his price on the FA market. Not many people would like Avery on this team but 15 goals says he's a player.

Philstrom Nichol Tootoo

Hee hee hee, this is going to be one line which everyone in the NHL will hate. Speed, a touch of goal scoring, and checks from hell. Philstrom is going to be the interesting player in all this.

Smithson Peverly Bochenski

My question is can the Preds sign Bochenski to a 2-way contract? if they can he would be a fantastic depth signing.

Weber Suter

This is the best case. Suter and Weber complement each other and are both #1's in the NHl system.

Zidlicky Hamhuis

because of the length of the contract, Zidlicky is not overpaid. Some say he's a luxury, but this team needs offense, period.

Zanon Klein

Devries can be moved, and I see an option where the Preds move him and either Franson or Niskala with a mid level pick to the Kings for Cam. LA gets 2 NHL defensemen and a pick and the Preds gets their 2nd line scorer.

Koistinen Niskala/Franson

The KK boys say with Nashville, not the best case for Koistinen but he's on an NHL team.


When Zids was having his one bad year everyone including me were saying trade his butt to anywhere for a bag of sticks. Mason is in the same situation and everyone is saying he's average.....but what is he has a good year this year teaming with Rinne? Simply put, if Poile is sticking with him, which I think he is, then I will too.

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