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05-28-2008, 05:23 PM
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Originally Posted by hlundqvist30 View Post
Oh no! Now Dolan only has 3583243348638469943 dollars! How is he possibly going to be able to feed his family! Poor guy

Poor Jim Dolan; he really got ripped off when God was handing out competence to people before he put them on this earth. Either that or Charles hit him with the dumbass stick one too many times.

Seriously, though, we're like the frieking Knicks who will still be paying off Allan Houston for all of eternity. It's embarrassing when your favorite team has an owner who royally screws up everything from the books to the harassment lawsuits to the part about putting a winning or at least somewhat respectable team in the Garden every night. Thank God Sather has been able to atone for the mistakes he made earlier in his tenure here. If we won 10 games this year, dumbass Dolan would still let Sather keep his job because Jimmy couldn't tell you the difference between the letters W and L.

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