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Originally Posted by anarmandaleb View Post
I mean his choice of words. He's a hockey player. He came to win, he game to score, he came to beat Osgood, but came to play? Sid's been playing hard this series, like he's been playing all year. Just... as a team they didn't play well at all. It's not like he was MIA like Malkin or anything.

As for a Detroit, Sidney pulled a Datsyuk. Nobody was worrying about him and he was waiting just outside the goalie's line of sight.
Since when do you take what Bob Cole says seriously?

Oh yeah, he was right next to the goal to take that shot to beat Osgood. If I remember well, there was 2 guys in front of the net while Crosby was right next to it...

Crosby with almost the hat-trick... My bad, it was a Roberts' shot..

U.S.S. Gill with another bad penalty...

The Mule makes it 2-1..

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