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05-28-2008, 11:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Ti-girl View Post

Me and my (RBK 9K pumps)

Im a bit of an attention *****.

Discussing strategy with my D-partner

More strategy discussion
You should get a bigger jersey, that one doesn't look like it fits all that well. No offense. I hate it when people do that, wear a jersey size that is either too small or too big. I wear medium and even that size it hangs pretty low but it fits my shoulders and arm length well.

I really hate taking pictures so unless some idiot in the stands is snapping them when i am not looking i really don't know of any pictures of myself in my own gear. I do tuck my jersey in from the back though and i don't like the tongue of my skates sticking out so i tuck them under my shin guards.

The only odd thing i do is maybe match all my stuff to my team's colours, like hockey team, skate laces and just some stuff like helmet, gloves, hockey tape and etc.

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