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05-29-2008, 06:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Manhattan Blue View Post
As a fellow Sports Management major, I am sorry to hear this.
Ha! I should mention my masters is from Brooklyn College. no way was I paying through the nose for it. Thankfully I was able to pay most of it out of pocket, and only owe about $2300.

Originally Posted by Captain Monglobster View Post
The same teachers teach the same curriculum at NCC.
Ahh...NCC. That is where it all started for me too. Seriously though, I don't think there is a better educational value in the world then NCC. Get your GPA up and you can go anywhere.

Originally Posted by The Thomas J. View Post
Congrats, good luck finding & keeping a job, it's freaking awfull out there right now.
Also, I love ur tat, i'm planning in getting the same one in black & white.
The ink. Four hours, not my first, and it did hurt a lot, especially towards the end. Since your going b+w that should eliminate a lot of the pain. Im going tomorrow to have mine finished, needs to be touched up now that its healed (I got it three weeks ago).

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