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05-29-2008, 09:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Gaebriel View Post
You have evidence to back this up? I see this opinion being thrown around all the time, but never any evidence based justification. There are plenty of players throughout history that have made the jump and done well, and plenty who haven't. I'm not sure you could even find any evidence to support that claim as you'd have to somehow look into an alternate version of reality to see if a player did better in the other situation. Sounds like nothing more than another perpetuated sports myth. The only reasonable thing you could say is that it depends on the player, but ultimately that's somewhat of a uselessly obvious statement.

It's also amusing to me when the same people praise young players for playing in junior leagues way above their age. Wasn't Frolik one of those? Clearly his 'growth' was permanently stunted.
Usually unless they are phenoms(like Crosby & Ovechkin) a prospects development is really slowed if they are brought up to play on a team that is not playing well. They are counted on more and that really gets in their heads when they are counted on and don't produce. And I am talking about wins also and not just points.

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