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05-26-2004, 01:24 PM
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Folks, I hear so much of Radulov around and about the Rangers' draft, lately. We had all already been speculating on Ladd, Olesz, Malkin, Schremp, and Thelen --- in that order, more-or-less.

I know there had been concrete proof that there was interest in Ladd, Olesz and Malkin... Schremp and Thelen, I'm not sure, personally. However, has there been talk of Radulov upon that table from which we hope someone will drop a juicy morsel of a fact?

At first, I denunciated Radulov, seeing as he has though outstanding skill he can be awfully complacent, and seemingly lazy, as most young Russian players look. His case reminds me SO much of Valeri Kamensky (I really feel for Val) that it makes me nervous... yet, there's that substantial likelihood he won't, in fact, struggle to produce like Kamensky did. Overall, I think it's worth the risk... All the above applies to Schremp as well.

I am VERY interested in the comparisons of Ladd to Gravey. I like Ladd a lot, but I don't feel secure with the fact that he materialized out of the blue this year. Not writing him off, however. Can anyone update me on any of the aforementioned players?

Olesz, I hear so many mixed stories about him, I almost don't know what to think... like Schremp in that sense, but that's where the comparison ends. I like the way he plays, and he certainly seemed to have undeniable talent the first time I saw him, but he has done very little this season. I've heard claims of his coach focusing on defense, but I just don't buy it. He may play defensively; a leopard does not change its spots, and he is an offensive player. I've heard claims of the concussion affecting his play. I don't buy that either... he's young, and anyone who watched him knows that whatever inconsistencies he displays, none of the could be as a result of a concussion. May be time to face the facts, though... can he do it?

Malkin. Great.

Thelen -- if he is the BPA at 6, I sasy go with him... but, I hope it doesn't come to that. Some say our DF prospect depth is overrated, I really disagree and I think we really need a franchise forward to be the staple of the system.

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