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Originally Posted by JLHockeyKnightRU View Post
Sorry I'm not an all star. The first cage I used was rounded all the way around, and seemed to have a lot of bars at the bottom where it met my chin. When I switched to the Fantom, it is positioned better around the chin so that there aren't as many bars (allowing for me to see the puck better). My first cage, I had to keep looking down because I couldn't see the puck without moving my head. The cage made me stop. And when I look down at the puck, I mean glance. I move my eyes down quickly every once in a while, with my old cage I had to move my entire head to see the puck, and not my eyes.
Who said anything about being all-star to not look down at the puck? 10 yr olds dont look down that must mean their all-stars right?
It's not that hard really. If you have a ****** cage then that should actually help you force yourself not to look down and just "feel" the puck with your stick and you should know its thre.
All in all, as the previous post just said, already playing without one, and then now going to a cage will not improve your vision. So really, if you want good vision go no cage, get a small HS22 Itech straight visor.

Originally Posted by Vulcanfan View Post
That's an incorrect statement. Different positioning of the bars will definitely help or hinder vision. Why do you think when goalies turn pro they all ditch the "birdcage" cage and switch to the cat-eye cage? I'll answer for you...better vision.
Actually my statement is completely true in this case, if he's not wearing now already, and now goes to a cage tell me how exactly does a cage "improve" his vision? simple, it doesn't. And it's not necessarily "better" vision. No cage in the world will give you better vision more than no cage at all. A cage may make it "easier" to see but not necessarily better. I've used a bauer 5000 combo with cage. I barely noticed the bars were even there.
And last point, he's not a goalie so your arguement is completely irrelevant.

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