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05-30-2008, 02:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Fido22 View Post
I agree that Mtl is more intense than most other NHL cities, I don't think that has the practical effect of keeping french players away more than other players (maybe on individual cases, but not overall).

Rivet is not french canadian, he seemed as relieved as anyone I can remember from being traded.

Out of the UFAs we have signed, some are french canadians, some are not. Brière turned us down, Ryan Smith turned us down.

I don't see strong correlation that french players are either drawn here or drawn away from here more than non french players.
P.S. Yes, mcphee echo'd my thought in that "It isn't wanting to leave, but you often sense a 'relief' when they do"

Rivet was relieved, but he (like Brisebois) was mis-cast in a role because of lack of depth. He was relieved to be in a situation within his means. I guess.

As for the UFA's.... since we have not really signed any real big time free as the wind UFA's, they are neither French or other.

As for the correlation... Briere is the key. We can speculate why he did not come here. The team, his role, English school for his kids, taxes, Gagne/Biron, media/fan pressure.... All we know is the result, he was hung in the press, and boo'd on the ice. Read into that what you will. Other players will read into it too.

As well, how many French players are considered stars nowadays? Less then in yesteryear. Tanguay, Brodour, Gagne, Briere, Lacavlier, St. Louis.... which of those have been available on the open market and not just after their team won a cup?

So, if there are not many, it is hard to say if there is a strong correlation of them coming or staying away.

I just know that it is less attractive then some people say it is.

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