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Originally Posted by Rags225 View Post
Sangs will be an RFA in 3 years not 2. So the Sundin/Jagr signings have 0 effect on him. He will be locked up for the 1-2yrs they play, and the overage cap year on a cheap contract.

Sangs, Staal, Anisimov and Girardi are all RFA's for the 10-11 season. As are Dupont, Sauer and Pyatt.

Anisimov will have 2 yrs max in the NHL, most it will be something along the lines of a year to maybe year and a half. Do you really think he will also get a big contract. Most likely he will get whatever dawes will get, maybe Prucha depending on how he does. again this will not be a bank breaker.

the only person on this team who can actually maybe get a salary over $4mil right away is Staal. But the team can also use arbitration on him to ensure that no other team can put on offer sheet to him. Than work out a Lundqvist type deal. 1 year for a little money than get the bigger contract.
For the sake of argument, say Staal does get 4 and Anisimov only gets 1.6 (Prucha salary). Girardi will need a raise, say 2.5 on the cheap side. Sanguinetti, say he performs similarly to Kris Letang. I'd say a 2 mil salary at a minimum. Right there, thats 10.1 mil. So you've already eaten up all of that cap space that freed up from Jagr and Sundin and you still have to include Cherepanov. Plus Callahan, Byers, Betts , Bourret and Korpikoski are all RFA or UFA between now and then as well.

but lets talk player development. So in 2 yrs when Sundin/Jagr are gone. Dubi and Staal will have 3 seasons under their belts. Cherry should have 1, same w/ Ani. Korps should have 2, Dawes has 3, Cally has 3, Tyutin would have 6, Girardi would have 4. These players should all be picking up the slack, in scoring that Jagr and Sundin would have, if developed correctly. So we wouldn't need alot more cap room for UFA's anyway.

And this isn't even including whatever we draft the next two years. Who knows what type of steals we could get.
There are two players in that list that I would even remotely consider comparing to a Jagr or a Sundin in 10 years, let alone 2, and thats Anisimov and Cherepanov. So the guys with 1 year of experience are supposed to pick up the slack for two future HOFers? Right.

do you realy think Prucha will be on this team in 2 years.... same goes for Avery. There's a good chance that neither will be there. Especially Prucha since he is an UFA after this season. and we have Bourret, Cherry, Dawes, Calley, Hillier, Pyatt, Jessiman, Dubi, Ani, etc. I just don't see any room for him.
No I don't think he'll be here, but I kept him in there because I didn't want to guess as to what players we would have, and which ones we'd trade, etc.

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