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Originally Posted by 39ontheline View Post
I dont think anyone was "given" a spot in the past. The kids that were playing in the NHL were better than the guys already here and lest we forget weiss at one time was sent back to juniors. Also as a random aside, I love how people post here saying that the AHL would have helped guys like olesz,horton, bouwmeester.... . All of them are productive NHL players, Bouwmeester is a franchise player, Horton has scored 30 goals twice I believe and olesz is playing to his potential as a plus defender with limited offensive upside. This isnt EHM, players dont magically become better just by playing on the farm. I dont like horton's laziness would have been solved in the AHL or Olesz would magically learn to score. Bouwmeester is fine as is so what would the point of the AHL have been?

Sorry for the rant.
AHL allows players to develop certain aspects of their games. It's much harder to develop your game at the NHL level when all the players are so good that you have to focus on just playing defensively (in Bouw's case). Had he been in the AHL and worked on his offense, i.e. PPQB who steps into a big slapshot, and developed confidence from that experience, he could have brought it to the NHL rather than trying to learn things like that in the bigs. Olesz could have also worked on his offensive abilities. If you play 3rd or 4th line in a league and are relied on to produce defensively only, your offensive game will stagnate. If you go to another level and are relied on as an offensive contributor, with the coach showing confidence in you, it can drastically change your own confidence and help your game tremendously. There's a reason top NHL teams like Detroit send players like Hudler, Fillpula, Kronvall, etc.... to the AHL even if they could stick it out in the NHL and be semi-productive. They want those players to be difference makers, which allows them to have the mindset that they are capable of producing at high levels. Personally, I was on a travel team once where I was playing only penalty kill and not counted on to score goals, but at the same time, I played on a lower level team (highschool) where I was counted on to be the main scorer. I developed much more offense in the lower level and ended up leading the travel league in scoring the next year. I was allowed to take risks offensively in the highschool league that I didn't do in the travel league. The next year, I brought some of those moves into a higher level, and gained enough confidence that I became a top player. It make a huge difference as a player, and it definitely applies to the pro levels as well.

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