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Originally Posted by hockeyviper87 View Post
most likely the cap will be going up....although we dont know, it could go down like ou said, however, a forward corps of what you mentioned isnt going to fill up the cap....there is no way...look at those think they will make it to the 56 million?.......i understand many of them will get raises, however they will get those no matter what, havig jagr and sundin on the team doesnt make that happen any sooner or later than it wouldve happened anyways.....the rangers are going to have all the depth coming from within and some top-end players...the only thing they need to grap is ONE top-end winger and maybe a defenseman with some snarl who can shut-people down, and they will have the cap space to do so.....there are always trades and there is always the option, if it doesnt work to trade jagr and sundin away at the deadline as both would be hot commodities....

i totally understand what you are saying by players needing raises and how with that 12 million, or so coming off the books while about half of that would probably be going to raises, however that leaves 6 million or so to put towards a player and there will be other cheap contracts coming up from the ahl as depth players....that is one great thing about the rangers organization right now.....they have a lot of depth that they can bring up every year to be cheap young talent to offset going out and signing a high-priced free agent or trading for high-end talent....i just feel this is the best way to go especially reading now that rolston is most likely staying in minnesota, there is NO forward out there i want to see on this team who is an UFA...and there are very few defenseman out there who i would like to see on this team:
liles(3 or under)
orpik(3 or under)
Like I said to Rags in this post here: #465. Those RFA's are players we would almost certainly want to keep. They are by far our best prospects and as you can see from the numbers I posted, it's well over half of the space being freed by Jagr and Sundin, in fact it's almost all of the space being freed.

Also as I said before, I think any changes of the offense will come via trade, and the FA signings will be for the defense.

Originally Posted by Rags225 View Post
That's the thing who knows? What about 1 signing for 1 year and the other for 2. That would be interesting. Could it happen... stay tuned.
I'm not saying its impossible. But Jagr and Sundin have both said they have 4 more years of hockey in them. I highly doubt they'd want to play one year and then go through the hassle of UFA-dom again. And in Sundins case, possibly pick up and move again.

true. But i'm not enamored w/ anybody on defense either besides liles. I really like the idea of him and Staal. Orpik I also like but I'm afraid of overpaying for a 3rd pairing guy.

I think that this is going to happen no matter what w/in the next two years. At least it will keep pressure off of them until the are more able to handle it.
I like Liles as well, but he's not really a shutdown type of defensemen. More often than not your #1 pairing is out against the top lines of opposing squads. Two-way d-men are hard to come by, but they're a necessity on most cup-contenders. The glaring option out there is Redden. He won't be cheap, but locking him up for 5 years at 25-30 mil is a good decision. He's a puck mover and is at least capable of battling top lines. He can also provide some leadership for the other blue liners. I could definitely see Staal becoming a mirror image of Redden as he develops.

I am a Mets fan, and I see what trading away 3 players for 1 can do. In fact that was the old way of Ranger thinking as well. Trade young players and picks for 1 player. it doesn't work well. in fact if you look at teams that are winning now in all sports, its the teams who build from w/in and just add that one or two veterans to put them over the top. Unless we are getting an uberstar like Crosby, Ovy, Lecalvalier, Phaneuf than I would avoid these lopsided trades of 2 bluechip prospects and a high pick. Plus again we need to keep some of these youngins to have cheap good talent.
I hear ya man, but we don't have the guys to develop that other teams have. The Pens are made up of top-10 picks. The Wings draft way better than we ever could. I'm not saying trade away the farm for veterans, but I don't think signing guys on their way out is the right solution either.

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